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THC Girls Proposal



Your App begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery. Through interviews and surveys, we develop a series of deliverables that allows us to work efficiently through the duration of the production. 

Your project’s success depends on a solid foundation, this work is crucial.


  • Project setup
  • Timeline & milestone setup
  • Design objectives
  • App development workflow

MOBILE APP Development

We will create a custom mobile app based on your branding, colors, functionality requirements, and best usability practices. Your app will be unique to your company and set up for maximum conversion.

Your app will consist of a combination of convention and creativity to make sure that your visitors can find the content they need and inquire about your services. We design and code to the highest of standards and always keep up with industry trends.


  • Templates & interface code for:
    • App landing page (registration/login)
    • Inside pages
    • Standard page elements (headers, paragraphs, images, videos, links, etc)
    • Form elements
    • Cross platform testing (Android and iOs)
    • App will be available on various platforms
      • Website, Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon, and Blackberry
      • Help with app submission to marketplace

Membership Portal

We will create a custom form to segment users when they sign up to the website. This will help break down who is who when users sign up, to properly display the right services for the right individuals.


  • Member registration form with segmentation (model vs vendor)
  • Member-specific functionality
  • Membership Restrictions (must be logged in to browse)

App Software

We will create your app using a subdomain of your current website ( and use our app development team to submit your app to Google Play and Apple App Store.


    Your Custom Quote

    Deliverable Timeframe Cost
    Planning 2 days Included
    Mobile App Design 3-4 weeks $2,000
    Membership Portal 1 week Included
    Mobile App Maintenance 3-4 weeks $50 / month
    App Software 4-5 days* $120 / month
      ___________ ___________
    Total 4 weeks $2,000 / one-time*
    $170 / month
    *One-time cost is broken down into multiple payments outlined in the agreement section.


    Unplanned components, ideas, revisions, and project scope happen – when there is an unexpected event that will incur a cost, we will notify you ahead of time and will not produce unless we receive clear approval for increased budget and timeline.


    We have built over 330 online business projects since 2014. Our business is owned fully between by the CEO, Mario Salazar. Your project will be managed by Mario and several of our team members will play a part in the build over the duration of your project. 

    Each of our projects are taken through an innovative process that we have designed over the last 5 years, yet continue to refine to create the best possible experience. We use a combination of online tools, customer interactions, and milestones to ensure that your project goes from execution to completion within the allotted time & budget with the best end product.


    CEO / Marketing Consultant


    Designer / Developer


    Content Copywriter


    Conversion Specialist


    Director of Photography


    Audio Engineer


    How it Works

    Lets start off by looking at the steps we’ll be taking to get your project from start to finish.


    1. Discovery – through a process of surveys and meetings we’ll gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of your business and goals.


    2. Architecture – just like a building, a mobile app and your website content need a solid blueprint. Together we’ll determine the best way to organize your website and sketch out a rough outline.


    3. Content – with a solid blueprint in place it will be your job to collect, organize, edit, and deliver to us content for each page of the website and app.


    4. Design – at the same time you are working on content our team will be creating non-functioning comprehensive layouts showing possible design directions.


    5. Development – with all the necessary architecture, content, and design elements in hand we’ll create the first working version of your mobile app.


    6. Launch – getting your website “go live” ready will inevitably require several rounds of revisions and polish.  Once the app is ready, we’ll go through the final launch checklist.


    7. Warranty – your app is now live!  

    Communicating Effectively

    During your project communication will be non-stop with emails, phone calls, and online meetings.  Here is how we make it happen.


    • Email is the only email you need to remember.  Everyone here regularly checks this account and the person best suited to reply will always do so quickly.


    • Phone(303) 558-6592 is the direct line of your project manager, Mario.  Your calls are always welcome between 8am and 5pm MST, Monday through Friday.


    • Meetings – we use UberConference for online meetings to review milestones and deliverables. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or a computer with microphone.


    VENDOR (us, we, our)

    Flawless Website Design

    CUSTOMER (you, your)

    Krysta Jones 


    Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. You may not withhold any amounts due and we reserves the right to cease work without prejudice if amounts are not paid when due. You will receive your first invoice via email within a few hours of submitting your proposal.



    Payments are due upon completion of deliverables. If you delayed the execution or performance of a deliverable we reserve the right to make payments due upon the estimated due date. 

    Deliverable Amount ($) Estimated Due Date
    Proposal Agreement Signing 1,000.00 July 29th, 2019
    Content & App Approval 1,000.00 August 30th, 2019
    Sign Off & App Launch 120.00 September 14th, 2019
    First Monthly Retainer 170.00 / month October 14th, 2019


    This website proposal incorporates the website proposal terms and conditions provided online at and form a binding part of this agreement. You acknowledge you read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions. 



    This document together with any attachments, as well as any new, different or additional terms, conditions or policies which we may establish from time to time, and any agreement that we are currently bound by or will be bound by in the future, constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between you and us concerning your engagement of us on this project, and supersede and govern all prior written and verbal communications.