Flawless Website Design Careers

Social Media Manager

We’re on the lookout for a social media manager who’ll be able to continue with our efforts to build a strong online following our brand and our clients’ brands. Their responsibilities will include identifying social networks where our current and prospective customers frequent, building an audience and promoting our brand through creative engagement. Unconventional, round-the-clock hours. Middle of the night wake up calls to deal with crises, totally possible.

Sales Representative

As our Sales Rep, you will play a lead role in generating leads and communicating with your leads to get them to purchase our services. We offer a wide variety of services to accomodate any business needs to get established visually with marketing materials and online with their web presence. You will be talking about our services to potential clients and pitching solutions to their current issues.

Graphic Designer

As our Graphic Designer, you will play a lead role in graphic designs for the company’s clients. You will create brand graphics to help establish our clients on and offline.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

As SEO Manager, you will play a lead role in search engine optimization strategies for the company’s clients. You will drive traffic, create SEO campaigns, and create strategies to maximize traffic and profitability.

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