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Operating a business can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. From accounting to social media management, here are a list of our favorite and recommended resources for you to also use!

Why Should I Have A Website When I Have Social Media?

As an entrepreneur just getting started with your online presence, you're basically presented with 2 options. Which of the 2 options sounds more appealing to you? Option 1: You can set up your business in someone else's store, at no cost to you. Option 2: You can own...

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How To Design A Cleaner Woocommerce Checkout Page

One of the most important components of your website is the checkout page. There are a number of variables that can influence how many sales you get, including your page’s layout. How to design a cleaner Woocommerce checkout page that sells, you simply need to add a...

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How to use Facebook for Business

I'm sure you're already using Facebook, as it is still the leading social media site used by businesses. I mean, seriously, what other social media platform can you reach over 200,000 people while targeting the exact demographic that you desire? This is the main...

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3 EFFECTIVE Tools To Simplify Your Instagram Marketing

As of December 15th, 2016, Instagram reported that they are now pushing more than 600 MILLION Instagram users! Not only do they have 600 million users, 300 million of those users are MONTHLY active users! If that's not enough motivation for you to jump onto IG and...

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Is Quickbooks Self Employed Worth It?

As an entrepreneur myself for the past 10 years, plus some accounting courses in college, I've grown to love Quickbooks. To be honest with you, I never really cared for Quickbooks until about 2 years ago when they did a huge rebrand and redevelopment of their...

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