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Feb 20, 2019

Feb 20

Homepage Conversion Rate Enhancement

Your website’s homepage gives potential clients their first impression of your business and if experts are right, it’d better be a good one. Time-strapped consumers have a short attention span, and they won’t waste their time on a poorly designed website trying to figure out if you can meet their needs — they’ll just move on. How do you make your message clear? With these three things that need to be on every business website homepage.

High-Quality Images

Visuals demand far more attention than text and serve a hook for drawing potential clients into your digital space. Their quality is a reflection of the services your business offers and if it’s sub-par, it’s equivalent to inviting clients into an office with a dirty carpet and chipped paint on the walls.

Website Magazine explains, “quality images are critical to establishing your credibility in any business, but the best images also embody your company’s message. The perfect image on your homepage is more impactful than even the sign on your front door because it has the power to grab customers and tell them their search for whatever they’re looking for is over.” A good homepage image needs to convey both the substance and the feeling of what you can provide.

Low-resolution stock images may be cheap, but so is the impression they give. Consider high-resolution photography or logo design an investment in success and stretch the budget a little if you need to.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Podium explains, “positive online reviews can be the confirmation a potential client needs to give your business a try, but negative reviews can also do a lot of damage.” Your business’s homepage is the perfect place to highlight the good things customers have to say about you. Despite concerns about fake reviews and information overload, the majority of people who shop online appreciate the thoughtful recommendations of others. Choose comments that are well-written and talk about products or services you currently offer. Short and pointed is best.

Negative comments don’t necessarily have to be hidden. In fact, consumers may be suspicious of all-positive reviews. In the spirit of transparency, don’t delete negative comments unless they’re blatantly false or offensive, but don’t give them homepage space either. Let them reside on a less valuable page and always post a sympathetic response that shows you’re listening and demonstrates a commitment to ongoing customer care.

Intuitive Navigation

Brick and mortar stores learned the hard way that consumers like an easy buying experience. HubSpot explains, “to lower bounce rates, online sites now have to help clients sort through multiple pages by making navigation highly visible and intuitive.” A design strategy that targets your intended audience is important, but it should make sense to everyone.

The best practice is to keep the hierarchical structure simple, put tabs at the top and make the print conspicuous and easy to read. Research shows that visitors are more likely to hone in on the first and last tabs on a navigation bar, so place topics with more importance there and place lesser items in the middle. Finally, remember to optimize the page for mobile users. Mobile purchases are increasingly responsible for sales, and they appreciate pages that are mobile-friendly.

Your business’s homepage is the door to success. It is not only the gateway to all of your content, it is your first impression for many clients. If low-quality images are a turn-off, navigation is difficult, or the page says nothing positive about you, potential clients may not stick around long enough to make a purchase. But make it attractive, welcoming and comfortable and people will knock your digital door down.

3 Things You Want on Your Website's Homepage

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