The Divi 4.0 Countdown (And What That Means For Our Current Clients)

Written by Mario Flawless

Oct 12

5 Add-ons to Enhance Your Business Website

The countdown to divi 4.0 has begun!

Our first website designs back in the early 2000s were on Geocities and Myspace. We had to custom code HTML for everything.

Those days are long gone thanks to the advancing technology and the awesome developers over at Elegant Themes.

Since we started working with Elegant Theme’s signature theme/builder, Divi, it has helped make our website design capabilities limitless.

Out of all of the tens of thousands of wordpress themes, why Divi?

I absolutely love the Divi builder. I can pretty much re-create any website design I see within minutes. The latest front-end Divi builder allows you design pages and posts in a flash.

Plus, plenty of stylish and trendy templates for you to utilize if you’re in need of inspiration.

So, what’s new with Divi 4.0?

Divi 4.0 will boast an overhaul of wordpress customization, create custom headers and footers, create site-wide post templates, and more.

Customize headers, footers, 404 pages, archive pages, and even custom post types are the main features that are rolling out with this new version.

This means we’ll be able to create customized pages that usually required creating a child theme and modifying/creating a PHP template in the child theme.

Current clients, update, and timeframe

If you are already a client of ours with a website that currently runs on the Divi theme (which is pretty much every client of ours), the theme will be updated as soon as it is available.

Though we do test every theme and plugin update, you can rest assured that it will be compatible and fully functional.

What if I’m not a current client of Flawless Website Design?

No problem at all. You have 2 options. You can hire us to design your website where we provide the Divi theme for free or you can join Elegant Themes to download Divi. Right now, they have 2 pricing options. $89 per year or $249 one-time and you’ll be able to download Divi and the other cool plugins that Elegant Themes has to offer.

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