How To Create A Clothing Brand For Under $300

Written by Mario Flawless

May 15, 2021
How To Create A Clothing Brand For Under $300

Do you have a great idea for a clothing brand? Maybe you are reading this article because you want to start your own line of clothes. You might be wondering how much it costs to create a clothing brand and where to get started. The truth is, it’s not as expensive or difficult as many people think it is!

Here’s how to create a clothing brand for under $300 that you can have up and running within the next couple of hours.

How To Create A Clothing Brand For Under $300

I want to show you first how “Print on demand” works, that way you can understand how easy and quick it is to get your products listed in your store. Once your products are in your store, the only thing you have to do is branding and marketing. The rest of the fulfillment is done FOR you by the print company.

How Print On Demand Works


You Create The Brand, Designs, And Website

It is your duty to create the brand name and the initial designs for your merchandise. You don’t have to be an amazing designer, you can hire freelance graphic designers from Fiverr to create some really nice t-shirt designs for $5.


The Print Company Fulfills The Orders

Whenever someone orders your product from your website, the order gets sent directly to the print manufacturing company where they grab the item, print the design, package the product, and they ship it directly to the customer for you.


You Collect The Profits

You collect the payment upfront, then the print company deducts their cut to fulfill the order. You keep the profit while the print company does all of the manual labor for you, saving you time to continue to market and promote your website.

1. Define your target audience & create your brand

First, decide who your target audience will be. This is the most important step because if you choose too wide of an audience, it’ll be hard to convert the visitors into customers. Pick a specific niche and build your brand around that.
Once you have thought of a brand name, create a logo and register your brand through your state as an LLC. You’ll also need to get an EIN from the IRS website.

What you need and cost

Register your LLC through your state.
Cost: ~$20 to $100

2. Set up your website

Second, you’ll want to register your domain and install WordPress. Although you can use several different website platforms, WordPress is a scalable platform that can be enhanced with your business as the business grows.

3. Configure your online store

Third, set up your Business Paypal account and then install the Divi Theme and Woocommerce plugin on your website. Run through the quick configuration and connect your new business PayPal account to Woocommerce.

What you need and cost

Business PayPal account, Divi Theme, Woocommerce
Cost: Divi theme $89/year or $249/lifetime.

Click here to purchase the Divi theme

4. Integrate Printful

Fourth, set up an account on Printful. Then, create your “store” on Printful; which will be via Woocommerce integration to your website. Once your store is created, you can start selecting the products you want to sell, add your designs, and publish the products to your store directly from the Printful dashboard.

What you need and cost

Printful Account
Cost: Free

Click here to set up your Printful account

5. Create Social Media Pages

Then it’s time to dive into the marketing side. So step 5, you’re going to create a Facebook page, Instagram page, and Google My Business listing for your brand. Include your new website’s link in the website fields for each page.

What you need and cost

Facebook Account, Instagram Account, Google My Business Listing
Cost: Free

6. Start Posting & Engaging With Others

Last, create social media posts with relevant hashtags and create blog posts on your website. Interact with others on social media (comments, likes, and DMs). This will drive more traffic to your website.

What you need and cost

Cost: $14.95/month

Use FanPageRobot to schedule your posts

Your Automated Clothing Brand Should Now Be Growing!

Now, whenever you get a sale on your website, the order will go directly to Printful. Printful will grab the product, print your design on the product, package the product, then ship the product to your customer for you.

All you have to do is collect the profits.



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