How to Get a Better Grasp on What Customers Want

Written by Mario Flawless

Aug 28

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Finding out what customers want

An essential part of a company’s business is learning what their customers want. As the market changes and develops, it becomes necessary to further study your customer base to get a better grasp of what your customers want. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Study Their Buying Habits

Businesses can learn a lot about what their customers want by studying their buying habits. Purchase history can give insight into what future purchases may be like. This can seem pretty overwhelming. After all, that’s a lot of data to sort through. If you segment your market data, that can help organize it and make it more manageable. This also makes it easier to identify commonalities and patterns in the data and various demographics. Look at general purchasing habits as well as those around significant events such as holidays. You’ll probably find that is an important way to segment the data, as there will likely be significant differences in purchasing patterns.

Conduct Surveys

One of the best ways to gain insight into what your customers want is to ask them. Consumer surveys can help you get a feel for how they feel about a variety of aspects about your business. You can do product surveys, general customer satisfaction surveys, and customer service surveys, just to provide a few examples. Of course, you want to make sure you get responses to the surveys you send out, so keep timing in mind. People are less likely to respond to more lengthy surveys, or ones sent too long after a purchase has been made. You can get faster and more accurate responses by automating your survey process.

Study Your Competition

It also doesn’t hurt to keep tabs on your competition. Studying your competitors can give you additional insight regarding general market trends. Take a look at what products or services are performing well and work to identify the reasons why they’re doing well. It’s also important to identify which products and services aren’t turning a profit and why. This will give you additional insight into what consumers want and what they don’t want. Once you identify those trends and the reasons for them, make sure you apply that information to your own business activities.

Having the information doesn’t do your business any good if you don’t do something with it.

It’s important that businesses continue to evaluate their market and fine-tune their knowledge of what their customers want. Businesses can get a better feel for what their customers want by studying their buying habits, conducting surveys, and studying the competition. By acting on this knowledge and catering to the wants and needs of their customers, they will accrue a more loyal customer base.

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