How To Monetize A Service-Based Business, Even If The Client Doesn’t Hire You

Written by Mario Flawless

Apr 16, 2021
How To Monetize A Service Based Business

This is a method specifically for monetizing a service-based business, even if they don’t go through with you for the service.

Ideally, this is for a service that requires specific products, tools, equipment, and/or supplies. I came up with this idea after discussing unique marketing ideas for an Epoxy company.

This does not work for companies that require extremely expensive equipment. This is more for companies that have relatively inexpensive costs for supplies and equipment.

This is a method specifically for service-based business & a way to monetize on your leads even if they don’t go through with you for the service. Ideally, your service should be something that requires specific products, tools, equipment, and/or supplies. I came up with this idea after discussing unique marketing ideas for an Epoxy company.

From my experience with epoxy, a ton of people love the idea of DIY. It’s not incredibly difficult but it is time-consuming and there are a ton of ways a person can mess up. Here are several examples, and I’m no expert in Epoxy, this was just from our brief conversation:

  • If you don’t use the right products
  • Your timing on setting things up is off
  • You don’t know the right heating tool to use
  • Bubbles, imperfections, drying/curing
  • You use the wrong equipment or you use it incorrectly

All of these situations cause the entire project to be ruined and you have to start all over from scratch. By scratch, I mean you have to literally sand away all of the epoxy that you poured. Every bit of that epoxy is ruined and if you used it all, you have to buy more. There is no room for error when working with epoxy.

Take a look at the funnel that I attached here and I’ll explain how it works.


Monetize A Service Based Business

First, set up your Facebook ads to point to a squeeze page where you offer a free resource guide that gives them everything they need to know to do the epoxy stuff themselves in exchange for their name and email address. Include a video of yourself talking on this page explaining why they need this resource guide. This is the first step in building your credibility as a pro.

Send them a follow-up email immediately after they enter their email address with a link to the free resources download page where you have a video that explains everything that’s included in the guide. Only explain the products and their function, don’t get into too much detail on the processes, just explain the things they need and why they need them.

At the end of the video, pitch your services. Tell them that you’ll do it for them if they get overwhelmed, can’t get the right equipment, don’t know where to start, etc.

**In the resource guide: **Include links to specific products in this guide using your Amazon affiliate links. If the customer wants to DIY, they’ll click the links that you’ve supplied and you’ll earn commissions. This is how you monetize a service-based business, like epoxy. You give them the info and the buy from your links. You don’t have to own any inventory or do any work to make revenue this way.

Now, you have their email address and possibly some revenue. Use this revenue to continue to fuel the ads.

Next, set up an automated email follow-up series that breaks down the pain points and why they should hire you, the expert. Tell stories in these emails and be sure to also include real testimonials in them. Include before and after photos. A picture says a thousand words and your customer’s gratitude in their testimonial will make that image come to life.

Your “free quote” page should have a form/questionnaire that gathers all of the information you need to provide a quote. What do they want to be epoxied? What styles/colors? What are the dimensions? etc.

Make sure you gather their phone number and address so that you can validate that they are in your service area and you have a quick way to get ahold of them.

Then, it’s in your hands to sell them on the phone.

How “instant scripts” can save you hundreds of hours of writing sales copy

Although it’s very easy to click into the “templates”, pick one, and start typing away, there’s a unique feature in Instant Scripts that’ll autofill all of the templates with your business information.

This feature is called “Saved Snippets”. When you create a saved snippet, you fill out a form with all of the business information. Information like your company information, the target audience, details of the product/service you’re offering, and other supporting offers, upsells, and bonuses.

Once you fill out a saved snippet, whenever you select a template, you’ll have the option to select the snippet you saved. By selecting the saved snippet in a template, the template will be prefilled with all of the right information to copy and paste your copy quickly and efficiently.

Monetize A Service Based Business
Change the highlighted text in this copywriting secret weapon

If you don’t create a saved snippet, you can still create great copy quickly by picking the template you’d like to write. Simply change the highlighted text in the editor and you’ll see why we feel that Instant Scripts is our copywriting secret weapon of choice.



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