How To Use Facebook For Business

Written by Mario Flawless

Feb 28

I’m sure you’re already using Facebook, as it is still the leading social media site used by businesses. I mean, seriously, what other social media platform can you reach over 200,000 people while targeting the exact demographic that you desire? This is the main reason why all businesses should consider having a Facebook page. It’s a great starting point that, when utilized properly, can build a following towards the brand, discuss products or services, and generate exposure to gain leads and sales. Let’s dig right into the details on how to use facebook for business!

Use facebook groups

Groups work really well for communication, events and sharing information with FB users. It pretty much forces notifications, and on the plus side, not many people know how to disable the notifications they receive from groups. LOL!

gain fans from fans

Facebook allows you to leverage current fans to gain new fans whenever a user interacts with your page. That interaction may show up on their friends’ newsfeeds. Users are more likely to check out a page if their friends are engaging.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the most extensive and effective ways to gain some leads and sales. Their demographic targeting is unparalleled, so you can advertise to a very specific “ideal customer” of your business.

Where to begin?!

You want to start by making sure that all of the information that you have for your business facebook page is accurate and detailed. To make the most out of your business page, include a professional profile picture, a brand-solid cover photo, link to your website, and an overview of the biz. Skipping any of these small, common-sense items will drastically reduce the effectiveness of your business facebook page.

Use keywords, but don’t overdue it

Having good keywords in your about section and posts will help your page show up in the search results, just like Google. The advantage here is that Facebook does have its own search engine that people use often, especially on mobile devices.

Be interesting and original

Your brand’s value is easily reflected by what you post and who your posts are intended for. You want to make sure that you post content that people tend to enjoy or engage with. What you post for your business displays the human side of the business which really help out with brand awareness and conversions in the long run. Make sure that you are engaging with your followers. The people that are commenting, liking, or sharing your content create great exposure and assist in endorsing your brand.

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