How Your Website Can Improve Customer Trust

Written by Mario Flawless

Aug 19

5 Add-ons to Enhance Your Business Website

Can your website really improve customer trust in your business through your website?

In today’s digital world, it is extremely important for your business to have a website. Your website will not only illustrate what your business does, but it will affect whether your customers trust you or not. In order to improve customer trust, your business’ website needs to look professional.

Use the Best Web Design Practices

To make your website look professional, you need to follow best web design practices. Make your webpage mobile device friendly. Many customers will be viewing your webpage on their mobile devices and if it isn’t easy to navigate, you will lose their trust and their business. In addition to making it friendly for mobile devices, you also need to keep it clean. Simple color schemes can emphasize your business’s brand while keeping the webpage clean. Too many colors and ads can be distracting and deter potential customers away. A professional website will build trust in your customers because they will feel confident that your business is qualified based on the spread of your website.

Include Reviews and Testimonials

Another way to build customer trust on your website is by the testimonials and reviews that you include. An overwhelming number of your customers read the responses to your reviews. The reviews people post about your business help others make a decision about whether your business is right for them. By including reviews and testimonials, you let others back up what your business claims to do. These reviews are valuable because they shape potential customers’ views about your business.

Update Your Website Frequently

But including reviews and testimonials are only effective if your website is updated frequently. Customers want to know what the most accurate information about your business is—not what happened three years ago.  Updating your website frequently not only gives your customers the most reliable information, but it shows that you know that your website is used as a source of information by your customers and that you want them to have the most current information. It can be easy to let your website get old, but if you stay on top of it and keep it current, you build trust in your customers.

Your website gives your customers an impression of your business without them ever stepping foot behind your doors. Maintaining your website is crucial to the success of your business because it builds trust in your customers.

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