Search Engine Optimization: Expectations vs. Reality

Written by Mario Flawless

Jan 13

How quickly should you expect results from good Search engine optimization?

Great “search engine optimization” will put your website right at the top of Google’s results, but how quickly should you expect to start seeing results from your SEO campaigns?

The truth is that it is very easy to gauge and measure your SEO results as long as you already have specific goals in mind.

SEO is not rocket science but there is quite a bit of technical work involved to get your website to the top of Google for your most coveted keywords and keyphrases.

So before you go out and hire any creative agencies, here are a few things that you should expect with your search engine optimization campaigns.


Start by analyzing at your current traffic

When it comes to SEO, you have to know where your website is currently sitting on the ranking charts for the keywords that you want to rank for. It’s important to understand how to use Google’s “Search Console” so that you can identify your highest-traffic pages and the keyword phrases (queries) that you’re already ranking for.

SEO takes time and credibility

Google likes to put the most relevant content at the top. If you’ve just written a long-form article about a subject in your niche, don’t expect it to be on page 1 within a day or 2. That is highly unrealistic. Google likes to analyze your content and see visitors engage with your content before placing it anywhere on the search results.

Google also likes it when visitors browse your content and stay on your site to browse additional pages. This is one of the signals that Google is looking for. A lower bounce rate tells Google that you have quality content and it needs to be ranked higher.

You can, however, expect to get more traffic and high rankings when you piece together a good quality article and it gets shared frequently online. This could include things like linking back to your website from a different blog and even social shares.

Using non-competitive, high-query, longtail keywords is your best bet

Website owners usually try to rank for very specific keywords that have high competition on search engines. This is a big no-no since so many other companies are trying to rank for the same term. You want to try to be more specific so that your page stands out for precise phrases that will get you traffic and sales.

For example, we do not attempt to rank for the term “website design company” as there are thousands upon thousands of website design companies fighting for that #1 spot on Google. However, we DO rank for the keyphrase “website design company in englewood” since it is much lower competition and anyone in the Englewood area will find us right away.

Website design company in englewood

Don’t just try to rank for your brand name and location

It’s also important that you find keywords or phrases that pertain to your niche so that you can rank for more keywords than just your company/brand name. You should try to rank each individual page of your site to different keywords. You could create a page outlining each individual service or product and then optimize each page for the keywords you think you could rank for. Also, be sure to write about topics surrounding your industry and provide quality, helpful content.

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