Announcing Our new live chat support system (a wordpress chat plugin with mobile app)

You see the little blue chat icon in the bottom right corner? I know it doesn’t look like much, but once you click it… Boom. You see some awesome features that you don’t see with other chat software. We set up this WordPress chat plugin with mobile app for ourselves to provide our customers with a quick and easy way to communicate with us, even if we’re not in the office. 

In a nutshell, we are here when you need immediate assistance. Once you are a client of ours, you can contact us through our chat line with any question you have that’s web related. Seriously, ANY kind of website, graphics, billing, and even marketing questions, we’re here to help.

The reason why we needed a WordPress chat plugin with mobile app is that we needed an affordable solution that not only flows well with the website but also has a truckload of features like the ability to set “business hours” and multiple channels to direct the right question to the right support agent. You get notified right away when a message comes in, directly on your phone. So even if you’re out to lunch, hanging out with friends, or even working on a project, you won’t need to be tied to your computer to respond to your visitors.

Check out the channels that we’ve set up for our live chat support system:

Wordpress Chat Plugin With Mobile App

Tech Support

For when you’re having any issues with your website or need guidance.
Wordpress Chat Plugin With Mobile App

Account Related

For when you need assistance with your login, password, or other account details.
Wordpress Chat Plugin With Mobile App


For when you want to give us your opinion and let us know how we’re doing.

Wordpress Chat Plugin With Mobile App

Pricing & Billing

For when you have questions about our services and how much each service costs.

which live chat software works well and why?

We actually tried out a number of different chat software before we ran across the one we’re currently using, Freshchat. The signup process was quick and easy. Literally just dropped our email address in the box. No name, address, phone, nor credit card information was required to sign up. Plus, they offer a free trial to test it out. After verifying our email address and logging in, we were able to start tinkering with the system. The user interface is very simple to use and understand. All we had to do was dive into the settings, make it match our website with our branding, embed the code, and set up the 4 different department channels.  So after spending about 20 minutes to sign up, set up, and test, we now have a fully-functional chat system where you can reach out to us.

Wordpress Chat Plugin With Mobile App

Why you should also have a live chat system

Having live chat on your website can transform your business in a number of ways. First of all, it can help increase trust and loyalty from your site visitors and customers. If you have a live chat system in place and your visitor has a question about your product/service, they will have more peace-of-mind knowing that someone is available to chat. The problem with phone support could be long hold times before being able to speak with someone. The problem with email is that a visitor knows it could be hours or even days before getting an email response. You can defeat both of those having a live chat feature available for your visitors. Even subconsciously, just knowing that the chat is there, it has proven to increase a website’s conversion rate. According to Neil Patel, simply having live chat enabled on your website, you can have up to a 45% increase in your conversion rate. Think about it like this… Your visitors should have little to no wait time and get the direct, personal answers to make a buying decision. It’s a no-brainer.

How to set up the wordpress plugin with mobile app on your website

First, go sign up for your free account at Freshchat. You can use the free trial to try out one of their paid plans with the ability to downgrade to the free one (unless you really dig the paid plans) before the trial ends. We currently have the “Blossom” plan with 3 members, mainly so that we can utilize the “business hours” feature. But even the free plan is phenomenal.

Next, click on the settings tab and then the web messenger button to get the HTML code that you need to copy and paste into your website. If we are your website developer, we’ll happily integrate the chat system for you, just shoot us a message! Once your code is installed, in the same settings, click “customize appearance” to change the colors, background, and widget size.

Boom, your chat system is live. SUPER simple, right?

Now, you have the ability to add “Message Channels” from the settings tab if you’d like. Just click “Add Channel”, give it a name and welcome message, then drag an icon on the upload image section. Vuala, you have channels.

What happens if I get stuck and need help with my live chat system?

Once you log in to your Freshchat dashboard, there is a chat widget in the bottom right corner where you can chat with someone over there at Freshchat.

Setting up your chat plugin yourself

Like we mentioned, setting up Freshchat is ridiculously easy and it’s free. After you’ve signed up, embed your code, change your colors, then install the mobile app.

Need help setting up the chat system?

We’re happy to help you out. We can help you integrate the WordPress chat plugin with mobile app so that it matches your brand vision.

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