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Sep 30

Have you been searching relentlessly for an amazing keyword research tool?

First of all, don’t spend another penny on another keyword research tool until you’ve read this article. We have purchased and tested over a dozen keyword research tools including Moz Keyword Explorer and Longtail Pro. We’ve even experimented with a ton of freebies like the Google Keyword Planner and Wordstream. From our research and testing, we found that the keywords that these tools spit out generally do more harm for your business than good. We’re going to break down why a majority of these keyword research tools are just taking your money and we’ll also show you the most powerful keyword research tool on the market.

The number one thing that we’ve noticed when it comes down to keyword research amongst the clients that we’ve consulted with, is that everybody wants to have the confidence that they have a great idea. So what ends up happening is a person spends all kinds of money on a keyword research tool and after doing a lot of research, they are no more confident than they were before. Then they still come to us for reassurance. Plus, poor keyword research leads to bad results. We have seen websites where the owner of the site made a bad decision to design the entire website around a keyword that was, well, a bad idea. The owner of the website told us that the numbers look great in this certain keyword tool yet they were seeing absolutely no results.

A couple of weeks ago, a client was discussing a website where he searched for the keyword “smoke accessories”. He said, “I was really excited about this site but I’m not going to do it now because I looked it up in the keyword research tool and it only gets 780 searches per month.” Look at the picture below, we’ve attached the screenshot of the keyword research tool’s results. According to, there are nearly 1 billion smokers on Earth, and you’re going to tell us that smoke accessories only gets 780 searches per month?! No way, Jose! That keyword is going to get tons and tons of traffic if you were to rank for it.

Is it possible to test a keyword research tool? (and how they profit)

You can do this yourself, though I do recommend that you are already ranking for a solid term that gives you traffic to fully test this quick method. Grab the keyword that you know you already rank number 1 for by tracking your analytics with Google, see how much traffic is coming into your site, and then plug that keyword into your keyword research tool. See how many average searches your keyword gets in the tool and gauge the difference with your actual traffic statistics. How close are those numbers? 9 times out of 10, this keyword search average is way off.

Not to bash every keyword research, I’m sure there are may be a few good ones out there. Though from our previous experience, keyword research tools are going to waste your money and they lead you to optimize your site for poor keywords.

One of your main focuses, when you’re putting together the copy for your website and doing your keyword research, should be to focus on your Return On Investment (ROI).  The average keyword research tool will cost you around $70 per month. That’s a lot of money to be shelling out and unless the keyword tool is going to actually earn you more than $70 per month, then it is totally not worth it.

We hear this often whenever we talk about keyword research tools: “But there are so many amazing reviews for all of these keyword research tools online!” This is because these keyword tool companies have high affiliate commissions that they’re shelling out to people to get more business! This is how these keyword research tools make big bank.

Keyword research, done the right way

The most powerful keyword research tool just so happens to be free. To explain how it works, we have to dive right into an example. Let’s say we are making a new website with the topic “beard oils.” So hypothetically, let’s say the domain is something like We’re going to make a few articles discussing how to use the oils and maybe even some general style tips, right? Now, we did not do any type of keyword research for this site yet, but we need to find the profitable keywords that generate traffic AND sales. So if we wrote an article like “best beard oils” then we know off the bat that this just isn’t going to work. We are not going to rank. This is a brand new website and Google is not going to trust it yet. We need to find a niche. A niche of a niche. Keywords that we can capitalize and dominate instead of competing for the top spot.

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to head over to google and type in “best beard oils ” (notice the space after oils?) but don’t hit enter or the search button just yet. You see that Google drops a list of suggestions. Google is extremely smart, these suggestions are PRIME keywords to target. Think about it, would Google suggest it if it honestly wasn’t getting searched?

So looking at these results, you see they keyword followed by “and balms, Reddit, for growth,” then BOOM. A golden keyword phrase. “Best beard oils for sensitive skin”

So let’s dive a little bit deeper into that keyword phrase and actually hit search on this keyphrase. We have to now analyze the search results to see if we can outrank the current competition.

Notice the sponsored product ads up top are all look nice, but nothing about sensitive skin. The 1st result is a “guide to beard oil for sensitive skin” which would probably include affiliate links to beard oils, but I feel like we could easily outrank this article if we were to put together the “The 5 best beard oils for sensitive skin.” Does that make sense?

To take this method a step further, type in your keyword, press space and then hit the letter A. If you don’t find any good suggestions there, try letter B. Go through the entire alphabet until you have a vast array of keyword phrases to write articles and content around. So for this example, the keyword search “Beard Oils B” suggested another golden keyword term we could easily rank for: Beard Oil Before Bed. We could rank a good article outlining the best beard oils to use before bed, why to use them before bed instead of in the morning, etc.

This method isn’t going to generate you a million hits to your website right away but it is something that can get you ranked faster to start generating leads and converting your visitors into customers. So what we’re literally doing is using Google search suggestions to see if there are any good, solid keyword phrases that we can quickly rank for that will realistically generate our traffic. By actually doing the search, we can see how much competition the keyword has and see if the website we’re working on has enough authority to outrank whatever is currently at the top.

Bonus tip about keyword ranking & UTILIZING the most powerful keyword research tool

Another thing to consider is the length of the article or content you are writing about around the keyword you are trying to rank for. If you find that the keyword you are trying to rank for has a bunch of small articles that pop up in the search results, you should know that you can write a meaty 2,000 word article focused on that topic, emphasizing your keyword in the title and a few heading tags, you should quickly and easily outrank those small, non-focused articles.

Still need help with keyword research?

We understand that keyword research does still take a lot of work. It takes a lot of time to find profitable keywords, regardless of what industry you are in. We can find the diamonds in the rough (profitable keywords without competition).

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