How To Create An Add To Cart Link From A Woocommerce Product

Written By Mario Salazar

March 1, 2019

Why create an add to cart link?

Creating an add to cart link can be beneficial in many ways, especially when you have a conversion-optimized page that isn’t necessarily a product page.

By adding a product to the cart with a link, you can create a button or even a text hyperlink that adds the product to the visitor’s shopping cart without having them go to an extra product page.

A great example of why you would need to create an add to cart link to your products would be when you create a “top 5 products” blog post. You can display an add to cart button directly on that sales page to get your visitors to purchase that product right away.

Creating an add to cart link with query strings

We will be creating an add to cart link using a very simple query string method. Basically, a query string is a part of the URL that assigns values to specific parameters.

So in order to create the add to cart link, we have 2 parameters to remember: the URL to your cart page and the product ID number.

Start by copying your shopping cart page URL. This is going to be the base url for the query string.


Head over to your dashboard and go to the products > all products tab. For this example, we are using the VIP Membership product. Hover over the product to see the product ID number. In this example the product ID number is 147.

Initiate the query string by adding a question mark after the slash, then add the add-to-cart query followed by the equal sign.

So far, it should look like this: “?add-to-cart=”

To tell which product we are adding to the cart, we simply add the product ID number to the end of the query string.

This tells the cart that we are adding that specific product to the shopping cart.

Final Example:


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