Marketing allows your company to directly address customers and get them engaged with your brand. The more your customer engages with your brand, the more like they are to purchase products in the future. Discover how you can increase conversion rates and response and encourage brand loyalty in your customers.

Turn Your Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Referrals and brand ambassadors are a great way to utilize your existing customers. Brand ambassadors can do the leg work for you and are cost-effective. Ambassadors are also likely to come up with creative ways to engage with people who, like themselves, use your product. Having customers you can call on repeatedly to recommend your product will help convince new customers to trust your brand.

Create a Viral Video

Overall, customers prefer to watch videos rather than read. One of the ways search engines have changed in the past 10 years is that now top search results include videos. Because customers who watch videos stay on a site longer, it increases the chance of conversion. Videos open up a wide market for businesses that invest in video ad campaigns. The more engagement you have with a particular video, the more customers engage with your brand overall.  With the right steps, you can create a viral video ad that captures a wide audience.

  • Find a way to get your audience’s attention right away.
  • Show off your product in unexpected ways and set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Use high-quality production and invest in promotion.
  • Research and have your ad target your audience.

Also, as with any ad campaign, make sure your call to action is clearly stated. You need to include a call to action or the video won’t have any effect on the viewer.

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing focuses on optimizing how customers find your website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of specific strategies that direct search results towards your company. How can you improve your SEO?

  • Increase or edit your website’s content
  • Use targeted keywords
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Adjust navigation and internal link structure
  • Optimize your site’s loading speed
  • Focus on engaging customers through your content
  • Include specific goals and tasks for your customers

Marketing is one of the most important steps to creating a solid brand. With more and more people watching videos online, there are more and more opportunities to engage customers online. Because more and more people depend on the internet for content, you need to make sure your online presence and conversion rate is solid. Research your options to find out how you can increase customer engagement and build your business both online and off.

Having a good website is crucial to your business’ marketing strategy. Contact us so we can make one for you!

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