Having a strong customer base determines whether or not your business will succeed. Loyal customers keep your business going, new customers help your business grow. If you are looking to boost the customer conversion rate in your business, you must first connect with your customers. You can connect with your customers through email, SMS, and social media.


Many websites offer email subscriptions to updated content within the business, sales, events, and any other information that may be going on. Customers want to feel like they know what is happening in your business. If there is a sale, they want to know about it. If there is a new product launched, they want to be the first to find out. Offering an email subscription option is the perfect way to keep loyal customers up to date on what is happening within your business. To establish trust and clear communication, it is also important you are responsive with your email system to respond to customer questions and complaints. This will significantly increase customer loyalty.


There are numerous benefits for businesses connecting with their customers via short message service (SMS) marketing. With so many smartphone users you can capture the immediate attention of your target audience and use it to increase your customer base. Three out of four consumers prefer to have offers sent to them using SMS marketing. Texting out deals, promotions, surveys, or sign-ups will give you a higher response rate than any other SMS marketing strategy.

Social Media

Increasing your customer base starts with making your business and your profile readily available to customers. Social media is one of the most impactful ways you can share what is going on within your business from a personal and casual viewpoint. Customers love feeling like they are a part of your businesses’ journey. You can grow your brand’s audience by increasing targeted followers, boost community engagement with post interaction, and study your success with analytic dashboards readily available. A well-thought social media strategy will help you better establish an online presence and better connect with new and potential customers.


The number one priority for any business should be their customers. A strong customer base will keep a business going, a loyal customer base will keep a business growing. Connect with your customers and boost conversion rates through an increased effort in email, SMS, and social media marketing strategies.


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